Liftgates And Tommy Liftgate Dealers

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Automotive

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If you have a business, you may easily add value to it by adding a liftgate to your vehicles. These devices can help your employees transport bulky and/or heavy materials. By talking to Tommy Liftgate dealers, you may decide that their products are the right fit for your enterprise. They can fulfill a practical and useful function as a single employee can handle the mechanisms and the load as he or she moves about your daily business in and around the Fresno CA area.

Tommy Gate Liftgates

Tommy Lift gates have been in business for more than half a century. Originally, a piece of equipment for mounting on a farmer’s pickup truck, the company has expanded the use to embrace many types of trucks. The company currently produces several including:

* The Original Series: As the name indicates, this model is based on the original liftgate created in 1965 by Delbert “Transport” Brown for pickup trucks. Except for a few improvements, it remains the same in terms of capabilities and sturdiness.

* The Tommy Gate G2 Series: Like the original, this type is for pickups. Versatile, they possess a dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design

* The Tommy Gate Tuckunder Series: highly popular, these have a large platform of either treadplate steel or aluminum, as well as high lifting capabilities. Storage is easy as the platform easily folds beneath the vehicle bed.

* High-Cycle Railgate: These come in different models including:

* High-cycle models
* Steel Rollers
* Bi-Fold
* Standard
* Dock-Friendly

Tommy Liftgate Dealers

If you are looking for high-quality lift gates in Fresno CA, talk to Tommy Liftgate dealers, they are there to advise you about what series and models will perform best for your business and its services. Meticulously designed Tommy Gate lift gates will help your employees load and unload items safely. With so many wide-ranging options, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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