Should You Have Your Website Rebuilt?

When you have a business website for a brick and mortar business it can be difficult at times to remember to update your website> over time your site is going to deteriorate and get sluggish and dated. While it may seem that a website should be able to stay up and running without any changes, you have to remember that, while your website may not change, the technology around it does and often rebuilding a website is easier than refreshing it. Here are some signs you may want to hire a web design company in Chicago to rebuild your site.

It Is More than A Few Years Old

Code deteriorates over time. No, the actual code itself does not change, but the technology that it is based on does. In the case of your website the web browsers and operating systems used to access it are constantly changing. As these core programs change, your website is going to start to interact differently with them. A website designed for Internet Explorer 6 is not going to perform properly on Google Chrome. If your website is more than a few years old, then it may be easier just to start fresh than to try to update your website to work on new browsers.

Your Original Designer Disappeared

Everyone has heard that story about a friend of a friend who hired a “web designer” to build their website, and it turned out to be someone who knew just enough HTML to make a half way functional site then disappears. Cases like this are common, and a strong case for hiring a reputable business, but if it does happen then chances are the company you choose to hire is not going to want to mess with you existing code. This is because in these cases the code is either not documented at all or documentation is poor leading to a lot of extra work to decode everything.

In either of these situations, you would be much better off to simply build a new site than to try to rework your existing one. While it may seem like you could save money by reusing your old site, in most cases, this would actually cost more and result in a lesser product.

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