Machine Guarding: For Safety Sake

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Metal

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One of the top 10 most frequently standard Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations in FY 2017 cited concerns over machinery and machine guarding. Although the overall fatalities in fabrication continue to decline, it is important for all companies to continue to work with agencies and their own workers to improve their safety record. This will ensure employees in Cleveland, and across the United States, their workplace is a safe environment.

Selecting the Right Guards

Machine guards are a way to protect workers. They also protect equipment. In doing so, they reduce instances of through accidents to the employees and/or the machinery. Before purchasing guarding equipment for a shop in your Cleveland or other facility, you must be certain to consider several factors. Focusing on both the shop’s needs and the regulatory requirements ask the following questions.

* Guarding Standards: What are the minimum requirements for safety standards?

* Protection: What is the extent of the protection? Does it prevent any contact between workers and moving components of the machinery?

* Operation: Is it possible to operate the machinery with the guard in place both safely and effectively?

* Machine Guarding: Does it meet the requirements both during operation and at the initial point of operation?

* Auxiliary Components: Does the guarding extend to protection of and from any extra or additional parts?

Talk to experts in your shops and ask employees about their concerns before you decide on what guarding your company will install.

Machine Guarding: Safety and Productivity

The OSHA demands companies adhere to the minimum requirements for machine guards. However, in American cities such as Cleveland, companies continue to ignore the regulations. In doing so, they put their employees and their company at risk. The installation of the proper machine guarding protects workers from harm. In doing so, it prevents the levying of a hefty fine and a halt in production resulting from such incidents.

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