Top 3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Sand Blasting Cabinets

If you have an item that you want to be sandblasted, you can find DIY tutorials all over the Internet, as well as DIY sandblasting cabinets that you can rent or purchase to get the job done. However, these products are not as efficient as professional sandblasting cabinets, and can actually have some serious negatives. Here are our top three reasons to avoid this DIY project and let the pros help you get your sandblasting done right the first time.

Inefficient Abrasive Collector of DIY Sand Blasters

If you use a sandblasting cabinet meant for a home user, you’ll find that the dust collector and the box itself are not very airtight. This means that abrasive is going to escape from the device and get all over your work space. You will have to wear a mask to avoid safety hazards, and it will be harder to see what you are doing. It also makes your workplace a lot harder to clean when you are done.

Poor Quality Means You Lose Time

When you are using one of these less efficient sandblasters, you will have to go over the item being blasted many times to get the same level of finish that a professional could accomplish once. Precision is a problem with these DIY cabinets, meaning it will be harder for you to accomplish smaller or more nuanced jobs as well. That means you are wasting time, which adds to the overall cost of the DIY project in a big way. You may find that after adding in your time, hiring a professional is much cheaper overall.

Other Hidden Costs of DIY Blasters

Another big problem is that the upfront savings of a DIY sandblasting cabinet isn’t worth it when you consider the hidden costs. In addition to your time, consider that you’ll need to buy more abrasive as the inefficient box and dust collector spread the abrasive everywhere. You may also end up having to replace things that were damaged by the abrasive dust.

For all of these reasons, and others, letting the professionals help you with quality sandblasting is the best way to tackle this job. We are happy to help you get started with high quality sandblasting jobs. Get in touch with us at Casteen Ironworks by calling 303-868-8922 or emailing

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