Make the most out of your Engagement Photography

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Photography

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Engagement photography is different from wedding photography, requiring a special set of skills. Whereas wedding photography captures the special event, including photos of the party and guests, engagement photography is focused on the couple. Therefore, engagement photography should capture the essence of the couple and their New Jersey lifestyle.

To get the most out of your engagement photography, plan ahead. Browse photographs online from Pinterest and other multimedia sources online, to get some ideas of what couples around the world have done to create the best engagement photography portfolio. Usually, engagement photography takes place outdoors, making the Garden State a perfect setting. You can use your favorite spots, including the place you met, your favorite parks and gardens, or anywhere that means something to you as a couple.

After collaborating with each other on the ideal setting for your engagement photography, consider additional elements like the look and feel of the portfolio. Some couples prefer glossy looks, with high energy photos. Others prefer a mat and moody tone. There are no rights or wrongs. The whole point about engagement photography is personalization and individuality. Now is the time to express yourself to a professional engagement photographer in New Jersey, such as Limelight. Limelight offers the additional benefit of providing wedding photography and other services that can be linked together to create a cohesive and continuous theme.

Like wedding photos, engagement photography creates lasting memories. You want to make the most of your engagement photography by thinking through your narrative as a couple and conveying that to the photographer. At Limelight in New Jersey, the photographers will work with you to bring out your spirit as a couple, capturing your joy and the depth of your emotions as you embark on this exciting new stage in your relationship.

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