Pros and Cons of Hiring a Temp Staffing Agency

Before hiring temporary labor, consider the differences between recruiting your own temporary or contract work force or hiring a temp labor staffing agency. A temp labor staffing agency provides a sort of middleman service for companies needing temporary staff. Here are some pros and cons of hiring a temp labor staffing agency in Jacksonville.

1. Cut down or eliminate recruiting costs. Human resources departments in Jacksonville benefit tremendously from hiring temp labor staffing agencies. It costs a lot of money to recruit, screen, and then train new personnel. A tem labor staffing agency takes care of recruitment and screening of all temporary employees, saving a company time and money.

2. Reduced labor costs overall. The cost of the hourly wages for a temp labor staff member hired through an agency will be more because of the agency’s fees, but the net costs associated with labor will be lower because the employer will not be responsible for paying benefits.

3. No unemployment claim hassles. If a temporary worker does not fit the needs of the company, the employer can ask the temp labor staffing agency for a replacement and not face any unemployment claim complaints or suits.

1. Higher hourly wages. The higher hourly wages for staff hired through a temporary labor staffing agency in Jacksonville will, however, be offset by cost savings elsewhere, especially with screening, recruitment, benefits, and unemployment insurance.

2. Lack of long-term commitment. By definition, temporary workers are temporary. Neither the employer nor the employee expects to be considered integral to the organization or to a team. Therefore, employers should think about whether they actually need a temporary or a permanent staff member before hiring a temp labor staffing agency in Jacksonville.

3. Trust. When you hire a temp staffing agency, you rely on their own screening and recruitment processes. However, the agency should guarantee your worker and offer a replacement if there is a problem.

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