Make Your Catering Functional for Your Customers

In the food industry it is important that you are able to make your catering as functional as possible for all of your customers. It also helps if you’re using catering products such as corrugated cardboard trays. Now you have the option of using catering packaging that pretty much acts as your very own billboard when it comes to advertising your brand. You can easily find packaging that fits the standard steam pan sizes for whole and half pans with the lid closures that fold up to reveal your brand message. The most important aspect of this type of packaging is the use of corrugated cardboard which is the perfect property for insulation during transport. It also helps when you purchase corrugated cardboard packaging that folds flat for easy storage. When you combine all of this with the ability to have your brand and message custom printed on the packaging, it’s easy to see why purchasing supplies offered by the professionals should be your first choice.

Corrugated Cardboard Is Hygienic and Safe

One of the main reasons corrugated cardboard is used in the food service packaging industry is that it is hygienic and safe. It’s the cleanest solution for packaging food. The reason why is because very high temperatures are used during the entire manufacturing process. It is hygienic because only one packages used per delivery. Such foods as vegetables and fruits, bread, eggs, meat and other food products can easily be stored in this type of cardboard. Every tray, carton and box is used only once, and this is guaranteed.

The Many Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is the chosen material for many food packaging enterprises. Not only does it provide high-tech construction that ensures that can carry a variety of weights, it provides solutions for sustainable packaging. It is cost-effective and highly customizable. You want your food service packaging to be stable and cushion consumables so they are kept safe during transportation and handling. You can find corrugated cardboard packaging in various thicknesses and sizes. When delivering hot food you want to make sure that the entire container doesn’t produce a lot of moisture and ruin the food it contains. Corrugation will keep moisture from food products that need to withstand a longer delivery time. This type of packaging is another least expensive types available. It is also very easy to recycle which helps you communicate your care for the environment to your customers.

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