Matters to Discuss with a Family Law Attorney in Mankato, MN

In Minnesota, family laws pertain to any matters regarding a family. Cases include but aren’t limited to divorce, child custody, guardianships and adoption. The laws outline how petitioners can seek action against another party and finalize new agreements. A family law attorney in Mankato, MN explains matters that families should discuss with a legal representative.

Changing Child Custody Orders

Modifications of child custody orders are possible when a parent has more time to spend with the child. Under state laws, a parent can increase their parenting time if they are fit to raise the child. Typically, mediation occurs to give the parents time to discuss the changes. If the parents cannot reach an agreement, a new custody hearing is scheduled.

Setting Up a Guardianship for an Elderly Adult

A family member has the right to set up a guardianship for an elderly adult who is at risk. The assignments allow the family member to get a power of attorney over the adult’s assets and use them to pay the individual’s expenses. The new guardian is responsible for managing health care for the elderly adult, too.

Completing a Legal Adoption

A legal adoption begins with a home study and interview. The applicant must pass several assessments for determining if they are a danger to the child. The child’s biological parents must terminate their rights before the adoption is granted. New parents have the legal right to change the child’s name.

Enforcing a Divorce Agreement

After a divorce, either party has the right to seek a new motion if their former spouse doesn’t comply with the divorce agreement. The petitioner can seek damages for a failure to provide an asset or submit spousal support according to the agreement.

In Minnesota, family laws pertain to divorce cases, adoption and guardianships. The laws help children and couples who require court assistance to settle family-related matters. Protection orders, for example, are acquired through the family court when domestic violence has occurred. Divorce cases that require additional protection are also managed by family laws. Couples or families who need to start a motion can contact a family law attorney in Mankato, MN through Blatz Law Office, LTD. now.

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