What You Should Know About Air Sampling in Fairfield, CT

If you suspect that your work or home environment has asbestos, you may need to schedule air monitoring. This type of assessment tests for asbestos fibers that can be breathed. When items that contain asbestos are in poor condition, they can release the fibers into the air.

Checking the Air for Asbestos Fibers

By having an air sampling in Fairfield, CT, you can determine the exact risk that is imposed in the environment. Often this sampling is done before work can be initiated for improving a building or tearing it down.

Making Sure That the Environment Is Safe

Air sampling is also conducted to find out if individuals are currently exposed to fibers that they can inhale. The sampling may be performed to see if people are being exposed to asbestos in certain work settings. It is also imperative to have a sampling conducted when a job where asbestos was removed was performed.

Therefore, air sampling is helpful to give the “all-clear” for an area where asbestos exposure was once considered a problem. To make everything simpler to understand along these lines, any monitoring should be performed if it is believed that asbestos can affect the health and safety of people. In some situations, the material containing asbestos has not been disturbed or will not be affected by worker or daily activities.

Do You Feel That Asbestos Testing Is Needed?

If you feel that you may have an asbestos problem, your best solution is to contact a company such as Astech Marmon, Inc. to arrange an air sample and test. Make sure that you understand the risks and that you proceed carefully if you do plan to work near any area that has what you suspect are asbestos-containing materials.

By monitoring the air, testers can find out if inhalable fibers are presenting a problem in a work or living environment. This testing permits property owners to proceed with removal measures to keep their homes and businesses safe.

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