Minimize Anxiety and Loneliness by Taking Your Pet With You to College

One of the decisions you need to make before heading off to college is if you will live in a dorm on campus or if you will find an apartment off campus. Here are a few of the benefits that you are likely to experience if you decide to live off campus.

Something that can cause students a lot of anxiety is homesickness. Moving to a completely different city or state and being away from loved ones and things that are familiar can make them feel lonely and depressed. Having a pet is a good solution, especially if you can bring along a pet that you have had for many years. It is usually easy to find pet friendly apartments near LSU. You just need to be sure that you read the lease agreement carefully.

It is common for apartments to advertise that they are pet friendly, which is nice for pet lovers. However, some have had the unfortunate experience of finding out that only certain types of pets are allowed after they sign the agreement. For example, pet friendly apartments near LSU may say that dogs are allowed. However, they may only allow small breeds of dogs or may have certain weight restrictions. The best thing to do is call the apartment before looking at it to ensure that your furry friend is allowed.

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