Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Chimney Sweep in Suffolk County NY

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Comparing firms offering chimney sweep in Suffolk County NY services solely on the basis of cost of the service can prove to be an expensive mistake in the long run. Hiring a firm that sweeps your chimney without any inspection of the structure or without analysis of your usage pattern may leave you ruing your decision when chimney accidents cause significant damage to your home. Make sure you avoid these mistakes when hiring a firm for maintaining your home’s chimney.

A detailed inspection of your chimney is essential even before an estimate can be prepared. Of course, a professional firm offering chimney sweep in Suffolk County NY services may offer a general estimate based on the size of your home and chimney. However, a detailed estimate of the various services your chimney needs and the price payable for the same cannot be prepared without an inspection. In fact, professional firms like Aachimneyinc.com have multiple levels of inspection depending on your requirements and the condition of the structure. Hence, avoid making the mistake of working with a firm that does not attach a lot of importance to a formal and detailed inspection.

Secondly, avoid firms that have a fancy-looking website devoid of useful information. Prefer a site that offers detailed information about the various services they offer. A service provider that clarified frequently asked questions online is preferable to a firm that expects you to take a decision without asking any questions. Almost all firms have an online presence today, but very few firms try to offer really useful information that can help you take an informed decision. Avoid firms that expect you to take a decision without knowing more about the range of services offered to customers.

Thirdly, avoid firms that prefer earning more profits to satisfying their clients. A chimney cap is a useful accessory that can minimize the exposure of your chimney to dust and moisture. Maintaining your chimney will become easier and cheaper if you opt for such an accessory. It is preferable to work with a firm that is proactive in helping you improve the quality of maintenance even if it involves a reduction in their earnings.

Choosing the right agency for the maintenance of your chimney is not a minor decision. Taking the right decision today will help you maintain your home and chimney in a good condition for years at a stretch.

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