Top Tips to Help You Craft the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are your first chance to communicate with each and every one of your guests. They present a great opportunity to communicate the style and theme of your wedding along with the important logistical details that every guest needs to celebrate with you. To reduce the stress of this piece of your wedding planning, follow these few simple tips.

Have Your Colors and Styles Planned

Before you even begin to search for stationary, you and your partner should take some time to decide on the look of your wedding. Your colors and shades can make a big difference in the overall feeling and tone of your ceremony, and you probably want your invitations to reflect that. You colors and style also often communicate the formality of the event, which can impact how your guests choose to dress. Is your wedding taking place in the bright summer sun, in a traditional church, or at a unique city venue? Are you going with soft pastels or darker, elegant shades? Once you decide on a general color scheme for your wedding, you can begin to consider cardstock and fonts that will complement those colors and create a cohesive look.

Think About Shape

Depending on your desired wedding style, you may want to play with the shape and size of your wedding invitations . While a traditional rectangle is a great go-to option for an elegant look, you might find that another shape better suits your needs. Maybe you even want to try out a quirky shape that fits a themed wedding. It is important to consider how much information you are trying to communicate on the invitation and how much free space you want to frame your words.

Plan Your Wording and Your Information

Your desired card size and shape should work with rather than against the wording you will include. Every invitation should focus on a few essential details: who is getting married, where, and at what time. It’s considered proper to also name the hosts of the ceremony and reception. Of course, you probably also want to ask your guests to R.S.V.P, tell them about the details and location of the reception, and include a few places where you and your partner have registered.

If you are also planning to include a small picture or decorative bit of detailing, make sure to avoid overcrowding your wedding invitations. You want enough space to share all of the wedding information legibly and elegantly, not with cramped or very small font. No one wants to send their guests to the wrong place at the wrong time with illegible invitations! Remember that your invitations are serving an important purpose as they request they graciously request the presence of your friends and family members on your big day.

Planning your wedding invitations does not need to be a hassle. If you take the time to make figure out exactly what you want before you begin shopping, ordering your wedding invitations can be a breeze.

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