Mistakes to Avoid when Purchasing an Infinite Position Lift Chair

When getting up and down from a chair or sofa becomes a struggle for your loved one, it is time to consider investing in an infinite position lift chair. A power lift chair is actually quite affordable when you consider the benefits it can bring.

There are a number of different options to take into consideration when purchasing mobility equipment. Whether you shop online or in the stores, the entire process of choosing the right chair can be somewhat overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to properly assess the needs of your loved one in order to avoid some common purchasing mistakes.

Fit to Body Size

Just like when purchasing any other recliner, you want an infinite position lift chair to fit the body size of your loved one. Keep in mind that the larger the chair is, the deeper the seat cushion is going to be. A lift chair that is too big can prevent your loved one’s legs from reaching the floor when sitting up straight. On the other hand, a lift chair that is too small may put added strain on the lower back.

Cover Types

Leather may not be the best covering choice for a person who sweats a lot. Likewise, cloth material may not be ideal for someone with incontinence issues. While leather may be more expensive, it is typically the best option when purchasing an infinite position lift chair.

The Right Position Type

There are basically three position types when it comes to lift chairs, including 2-position, 3-position, and infinite position. An infinite position lift chair features two motors. This means that the footrest is capable of moving independently of the back of the chair. If your loved one prefers sitting upright with a footrest extended, this is definitely the best chair option.

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