Common Applications And Benefits Of The Foam Roller

Painting the walls of a home or the exterior of a house can be challenging. Traditionally, the most common tool for doing so has been the paintbrush. However, during the 1940s, a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, Norman Breakey, invented the paint roller. After certain adjustments, it became popular. In the 1990s, the nap roller was joined by the light-weight and less expensive foam roller. For painting, walls, it became a viable alternative.

Applications and Benefits

Foam rollers are readily capable of painting almost any smooth surface. Their ability to retain a large amount of paint makes them an ideal tool for tackling walls – both interior and exterior. They can also be used to apply trim to furniture and other objects. However, these are not the best tools for coating rougher or uneven surfaces.

When used appropriately, a foam roller for painting provides the following benefits:

  • It can hold a large amount of paint, therefore reducing the need to replenish the roller as frequently
  • The applied layer is thick, thereby decreasing the need to cover the surface repeatedly to obtain a thicker coat
  • A foam roller requires exercising fewer strokes than other roller types
  • Drips and spatters less than traditional rollers or brushes do
  • Come in a variety of sizes and shapes making them suitable to paint large and small areas as well as corners and odd shaped workpieces
  • Foam rollers are affordable

The one major drawback about foam rollers is their disposable nature. This sometimes makes them single-use items and, therefore, environmentally questionable.

Foam Roller for Painting

Since the 1940s, painters have relied on rollers to provide them with an efficient method of painting buildings and other structures. With the invention of the foam roller in the 1990s, painting using this method has become more affordable and easier than ever. Today, purchasing a foam roller for painting edges or entire walls is a common means of getting the job done quickly and effectively.

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