Modern Landscaping Ideas For Commercial Properties

Depending on the type of commercial property, the architectural style and the landscaping of surrounding properties, choosing a modern design option for creating a new look for a business is a very effective option.

Old styles of landscaping ideas for commercial properties were often very basic. They included some flower beds around the entrance and grassy open space to the property edge. A few may also include native trees and shrubs creating a full or partial boundary, perhaps separating a parking lot from the main building.

A simple way to give an older building a new look is to talk to our team about some unique landscaping ideas for commercial properties to suit your business. These fresh, new ideas can still match the style and design of the building. However, they can also make the space more welcoming, open or more unique, all helping with branding and company identification.


Instead of the boxy, predictable look of trees and shrubs around the borders, new landscaping ideas for commercial properties tend to focus on grouping. This includes creating pocket or areas of trees, shrubs, and gardens to highlight the exterior of the building and make specific areas of shade, color or even different heights in the outdoor space.

Bring in Color

A very effective landscaping idea to make any commercial property welcoming and warm is to use selective flower beds and moderately low shrubs to frame the entrance and signage. This adds a very natural yet eye-catching look to the front of the building.

Perennial flowers, ornamental grasses or even small shrub and bushes in various colors and with different leaf shapes and seasonal leaf colors can be a very striking look at a very low price.

To get started, talk to our expert design team at Yellowstone Landscaping. Give us a call today at our nearest location or contact us through the website.

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