Qualities of a Good Geriatric Care Manager

Care management as a position in the medical field is not one for the light hearted, especially geriatric care management. There are certain qualities that a geriatric care manager must be in possession of if they hope to get far in this business. While a care manager doesn’t necessarily need to embody all of these traits, they should definitely have traces of them in their character if they hope to get anywhere. If you’re wondering what kind of person it must take to pursue the job of a geriatric care manager in Naples FL, here are the essential character traits that must be found.

Intense Motivation

A care manager’s top priority should always be to meet the needs of their clients however possible. This desire to help clients should rank far above financial motivation for doing their job. Without this motivation, this drive to help others no matter how vexing or how difficult the patient in question or their surrounding circumstances may be, it’s difficult to maintain a quality system of social care. Secondary motivations to do so should include a sense of obligation to the whole of society, as well as professional accomplishment.

Smaller Personality Traits

A care manager should be almost obsessively detail oriented, but steady enough that they can handle frequent interruptions. They need to be tough-minded, able to handle conflict and determined to succeed no matter the cost. They should be open to new things, as the medical world is constantly evolving with new practices and technologies designed to make things easier. Such evolution requires that any medical professional be adaptable enough to handle their entire work ethic being potentially thrown out the window in favor of efficiency. Finally, though empathy is one of the most important traits that a care manager can have, they also need to have the inner stability needed to balance themselves out, otherwise they run the risk of burning out and being overwhelmed with stress.


Any medical professional, not just a care manager, needs to be able to play ball with the other kids, so to speak. A care manager needs to be stubborn when advocating, but simultaneously willing to compromise when need be. No one is an island in the medical field, not even the managers.

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