Next Year’s Web Development Trends

Some businesses put up a website and assume they can check that off of their list of things to do. In reality, a website needs constant maintenance and care to ensure it is dynamic, vibrant and relevant.

Too often an Atlanta business is not seeing the traffic they should, as the result of an old, outdated website. This can include both the look and aesthetics of the website that create a dated appearance, but it also includes the functionality of the site. If there are still old widgets and elements on the site, it may be slow to load or simply fail to load at all on many different devices.

Hiring a top web development firm that also provides design services is a simple remedy to this problem. For any website that has been online for more than five years, updating and upgrading will be an important step.

There are several trends in web development and design that are going to be important in 2018. By considering these trends and looking at the current website, it will be easy to determine if a design and development company would be an asset to your business.

Readily Accessible

More and more people are using smaller mobile devices and tablets to do their online shopping and searches. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it is critical to have a web development service create or modify your site to be available to any user on any device.
While this is not just a 2018 trend, it is a serious consideration for companies that have a website but don’t understand how it performs or displays on mobile devices.

Make a Statement

Trends in designs for websites are taking a turn from the neutral colors and calming blended look. Instead, they are moving to bold and bright colors, striking images and more emphasis on overall design and less on a series of images in a carousel type of banner.

By making a few changes, including increasing security and efficiency of your checkout, your Atlanta business will be on top of the current trends for the upcoming year.

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