Options For Sales Force Integration

If you are like many businesses owners, you are constantly looking for ways to make your business management, customer relationship and your decision-making processes easier and more efficient.

Salesforce integration offers any size of business the opportunity to share information across applications, providing a big picture view without having to use multiple applications to get the idea. With the ability to see everything needed on one screen, there is a limited risk of errors, omissions or oversights that can occur when trying to compare different data sets to plan, organize and operate a business.

Provide Real-Time Data

With the use of Salesforce integration across a business, all authorized users to the system can log in from any device and be able to access information, communicate with or share information with others and work collaboratively with everyone seeing the same up to date information and data.

Manage Data

Within the Salesforce platform, there are several tools that can be used to create models and run data through different types of manipulation to see results. These tools are helpful and very informative, particularly when it comes to long-term planning based on current and historical data on the business model.

User Access Levels

Everyone in the business from managers to employees may need specific levels of access to different data on the Salesforce platform. However, not all users need to have access to all data. It is possible using Salesforce integration to bring in data from other applications without allowing all users to access that data.

For example, some data can be specified to be read-only, which means that users cannot manipulate, add to or delete those data fields through the platform. Additionally, specific information can be blocked based the user’s access level, maintaining control over the types of data different employees will be able to access for business security.

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