Non-Flushing Urinals Offer Many Benefits To Your Business

One very good way to increase the efficiency of your business and make a positive difference in the world is by learning how you can limit the amount of water that you use. Many parts of the world do not get enough water, which is why it is important to conserve what we have. A major reason why so much water is wasted every day is that of all the urinals that are being flushed all the time. If all the urinals in the world were changed over to non-flushing urinals which don’t require any water, then billions of gallons of water would be saved. However, you can do your part by installing non-flushing urinals.

Promote Better Hygiene With Non-Flushing Urinals

Non-flushing urinals do not need any water to function. Instead, the walls of the urinal bowl are extremely slick so that they remain dry at all times. Because the inside of the urinal is always dry, no disease and odor causing bacteria have the chance to grow. Inside the drain, urine is pushed under a layer of thick liquid which prevents any odors or sewer gas from coming up through the drain. Waterless urinals are easy to clean and do not stink.

Using Non-Flushing Urinals Saves A Lot Of Money

Since non-flushing urinals do not use any water, you don’t have to deal with water and sewer costs. They are also extremely inexpensive to operate. When you use standard urinals, there is always the possibility of blockages or leaks happening, creating the need to pay a hefty amount to fix them. If you are in an area that has long, cold winters, there is also the danger of the pipes freezing. With waterless urinals, there is no need to worry about and prepare for these emergencies.

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