How to Reduce Labor Costs by Installing a Carton Sealing Machine

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Packaging

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A carton sealer machine will instantly reduce your labor costs, allowing you to relocate those employees for more demanding tasks in your warehouse. The purchase of these machines will improve the financial welfare of your business because they are both efficient and flexible to handle the variety of types in case sizes that may pass through your warehouse.

Which Machine Is Best for You?

With a variety of carton sealers available, you should discuss your requirements carefully with your packaging equipment supplier. They will need to know how you foresee the future and the size of your orders and how that may change.

They will also require information about the types of cartons and the sizes of these items that are to be sealed. This is necessary because some machines are semi-automatic while others are fully automatic.

The carton sealer will ensure that you can produce secure packages which can be held safely during both their shipping and storage journey before arriving at its destination.

By providing a professional presentation, you increase the chances that the company will purchase from you again. The carton sealer will ensure that your products are protected and not easily stolen.

When you discuss your requirements with your packaging equipment supplier, they will ask you about the designs of the packages that you are required to seal before moving them on to your shipping department.

They will provide you with full information so that you can receive an indication about the annual maintenance that will be required, your downtime for the machinery and the availability of all parts that may be required.

You will need to ensure that all the materials required for sealing are always available and can be shipped to you at short notice when you realize that your supplies are too low. It is important to work closely with a packaging company that understands your specific requirements so they can react to your precise needs.

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