Pet Grooming Services in Parkville, MO Support Pet Wellness

If you want your pet to feel its best throughout the year, you need to make sure that you have it checked physically and that its grooming needs are met. Because matting and tangling can affect how your pet feels, this is important. Whether your dog has long or short hair, you need to develop a routine of daily grooming care.

Make Sure Grooming Continues at Home

When you take your dog to the vet, the clinic should feature pet grooming services in Parkville, MO that will keep your pet in tip-top shape. Make sure you get tips from the groomer so you can continue daily brushing at home and check your pet’s nails, so they do not become too long.

Better Wellness for Your Pet

If you work with the groomer, and follow the proper at-home care, your dog’s health will improve, and the pet grooming services you use will ensure overall wellness for your pet. For instance, when taking care of your dog at home, make sure that you trim any excess paw firm. This will make it easier for your dog to walk. Hair that grows long often bunches up between a dog’s toes and beneath its pads.

Grooming the Paws – Sometimes the Hair Can Get Too Long

To groom paws, comb the hair between the animal’s toes. Make sure you go from the top down. Next, use a grooming scissors with thinner blades to trim the additional hair. Also, if you need to bathe your dog before it is groomed. People who provide pet grooming services know that it is better to clip and groom a clean dog. The excess dirt will clog up the scissors or clippers and make grooming difficult.

Choose a Full-Service Veterinarian Hospital That Features Grooming and Boarding

Make it your goal to find a facility that offers both pet grooming and veterinary care and boarding. That way, you can go to one place for all your dog’s wellness needs. A good place to go in Missouri is Taylor Animal Hospital of Parkville. Keep your dog clean and well-groomed, and you will bond with one happy puppy.You can also connect them on Facebook.

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