Tips For Hiring A Prototype Fabrication Company

Developing a prototype after the design and engineering phase is always a critical time for any project. The right company providing the prototyping service can be instrumental in assisting in working with the in-house engineering and design team to make any necessary adjustments to the files or to the design to optimize the prototype and also make the transition into large scale production more cost-effective.

Hiring a prototype fabrication company needs to be done carefully and in a logical, structured way. Getting to know the company and understanding their services, quality control systems, and their ability to move from prototyping to ramping up production are all elements that go into this process.

Quality Control Factors

When choosing a prototype fabrication partner for metal parts and components, consider the equipment and the expertise of the company. Not all machine shops and metalworking facilities are effective at prototyping, as this does require specialized skills, expertise, and understanding of working with different metals and even different prototyping technologies.

Support and Advice

The prototyping company should be able to create the model based on what is required based on the drawings and files. However, the top companies can also provide insight into materials and production methods that may help to reduce the cost of production over time.

These companies can also make recommendations on sourcing materials and even modifying design components to speed up production, increase durability of the part or component, or to improve some other aspect of the proposed design.

Turnaround Time

No matter how great the prototype fabrication partner may be, if they cannot deliver the prototype to the required schedule, they are not a benefit. Asking the company about their capacity and ability to meet your maximum anticipated production needs is essential right from the first prototyping discussion.

Companies that can provide quality control, customer support and turnaround times to your needs are the best companies to choose. Comparing costs is the last step in the process of finding a prototyping to production partner.

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