Pet Vaccinations in Durham – The Risks and Benefits

Is your animal registered with an RCVS-registered veterinarian? If so, you can rely on the trained professional to provide your four-legged friend with pet vaccinations in Durham. It is absolutely essential that you get your pet vaccinated as a way of preventing diseases and other health complications. Core vaccines and combination vaccinations can be provided by a veterinary surgeon however, a large number of dog owners are unaware of the facts. Before you arrange for routine pet vaccinations in Durham, check out the benefits of these services.


During the 1970s, thousands of animals in the United Kingdom fell ill with Parvovirus, which actually occurred as a result of vaccination! Otherwise known as a dog’s version of Feline Viral Enteritis, it is not overly life-threatening, but can cause complications if not dealt with. There are specific pet vaccinations in Durham for Parvovirus and normally, the vet will present one of two options to prevent dehydration:

1. Aconite 30C – This will be given to the animal orally every two hours.
2. China 6C/30CĀ  – Filtered in water, China 6C/30C will be given on an hourly basis.

Kennel Cough

When lots of dogs are grouped together in crowded surroundings, such as in a boarding kennel, they will likely become stressed. As stress levels soar, the animal will be at risk of Bordetella bacteria, which can cause a persistent cough. This cough is known as Kennel Cough and in most cases, it will be mild. Because it is not severe treatment is not always necessary however, prevention is a good way of keeping your dog comfortable and happy. The most effective solution is the Kennel Cough Nosode, which is also known to reduce symptoms slightly. Be aware that there is a risk of Vaccine Induced Autoimmune Disease with these services.


Although incredibly rare, Distemper is a very serious disease that targets the central nervous system. Some of the effects of Canine Distemper include paralysis, seizures and spasms. Distemper works by attacking the immune system, which means that the body is unable to ward off infections and life-threatening diseases. The sad fact is that more than half of animals with this disease will pass away, but it can be prevented with pet vaccinations in Durham. Nosode is the safest prevention method and should be administered by a qualified vet with relevant experience.

Whether your pets need vaccinations and routine care or a sick pet requires emergency vet care or surgery, contact Ashfield Veterinary Surgery for pet vaccinations.

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