Roofing Services in Reading – Is Pitched Roofing a Good Investment?

A strong, sturdy roof plays an important role in protecting your property from the elements, such as wind, rain and sun. Designed to protect the contents and structure of a property, a long-lasting roof requires regular maintenance. Aside from maintenance, you should invest in quality roofing services in Reading if you want the roof to stand the test of time. Poor planning and preparation could cause the roof to leak but by investing in pitched roofing, you can benefit from better insulation, less maintenance and more loft space.

What is Pitched Roofing?

Pitched roofing services in Reading appeal to homeowners who want to make the most of usable space. If you are keen to transform the loft into a room of its own, opt for pitched roofing, which has two slopes. These slopes join at a peak, allowing you to maximise living or storage space. Flat roofing doesn’t offer the level of flexibility that pitched roofing does. Crafted with natural materials that are both weather-resistant and durable, this type of roofing will match the theme of a contemporary or traditional property. The only disadvantage is that pitched roofing takes longer to fit than flat roofing, therefore you may end up spending more money on labour.

Environmentally Friendly

Every action you take during a home renovation will affect the universe in some way or another. If you are concerned about reducing your carbon footprint, pitched roofing services in Reading are a good choice. Why, you ask? Well, environmentally friendly materials are used and most tiles are lightweight, which means that transportation emissions are lowered. Because the tiles are angled at pitches as low as 10 degrees, fewer materials are required to cover the surface area. Additionally, pitched roofing tiles are usually 100 percent recyclable and don’t demand a lot of maintenance.

Required Materials

Are you keen to perform roofing services in Reading without professional help? If so, you will need to buy the right tools for the job. Take the time to research different manufacturers to ensure that you are buying the most high-quality goods. Some of the required materials for a perfect pitched roofing job include dry fix systems, tiles, timbers, ventilation, slate, fixings, breather membranes and accessories. A quick and easy-to-install option is metal tile, which is lightweight and has the appearance of interlocking clay tile, giving the roof a natural look.

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