Plumbing in Henderson, NV: Common Toilet Noises and What They Mean

There are normal sounds a toilet makes, and some noises it should not make. Sometimes, bad noises are obvious, but with other noises, you may need to investigate further.  Here are some common toilet noises that could indicate a problem that requires professional plumbing in Henderson, NV.

Water Hammer

A banging in the pipes when the water stops running after you flush the toilet is commonly water hammer caused by the force of water against the valve as it closes quickly. The problem may have started because of high water pressure or air in the pipes. Try adjusting the water pressure valve on the main water line or relieving water pressure. To relieve water pressure, turn the water off, flush all toilets, turn on sinks until they complete stop dripping, then turn the water on again.

Phantom Flushing

It can be alarming to hear your toilet flush when no one is using it. Ghost flushing commonly indicates a leak from a damaged flapper, but the fill tube or chain could need adjusting. Regardless of the cause, don’t ignore it if you can’t fix it. Leaks anywhere in your system increase water bills.


Gurgling is a common noise caused by the air moving backward in the pipe from a blockage. In some cases, your toilet or sink will overflow without you knowing anything is wrong.  When multiple sinks and toilets make the same noise, it could indicate a sewer problem. Attempt to plunge the toilet to break the clog.

Getting Help From Pro Plumbing Services

Not all toilet noises are simple fixes or nothing helps so you need plumbing in Henderson, NV. Call or contact Max Plumbing NV to fix the issue.

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