The Importance of Proper Residential Tree Maintenance for Georgia Homes

There are many benefits for people who own a home in Georgia. However, there are vital tasks that should be completed to protect them from structural damage.

Threats from Trees

One of the biggest threats to person and property for a home in Georgia is falling trees and branches. Because the state is well known to have significant problems with inclement weather, the risk for damage from this is substantial. Studies show that one of the number one home insurance claims comes from falling trees and branches.

Proper Tree Maintenance

The best way to reduce the risk for tree damage is to have all trees in a homeowner’s yard pruned and adequately maintained. This will help reduce the risk of weakened limbs becoming airborne. Proper pruning can also protect the overall strength of a tree, including its roots.

When trees are correctly cut back and pruned, essential nutrients are not misdirected to weak areas of a tree. This is vital to the overall health of a tree. When essential nutrients are sent to damaged or weakened limbs, there are less available for the healthy part of the tree. By following basic professional tree trimming Decatur, GA, guidelines, homeowners can reduce their risks.

General guidelines for pruning call for young trees to be pruned every 2 to 3 years, and mature trees should be trimmed every 3 to 5 years. If you are looking for the best in professional tree trimming Decatur, GA, services at Tree Dog Atlanta Service, they have been providing the best in tree care for years.

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