Precision CNC Cutting Service Options

Most types of machining and fabrication operations in shops that focus on precision work and mid to high volume orders are now completed using CNC technology. CNC or computer numerical control uses a computer system and CAD/CAM or other types of files to control the movement of the cutting tools or the equipment to create precision parts and components.

With a CNC cutting service, each part produced is an exact replica of the computer drawing. Without the need for manual control of the process, there is no human error or slight variations as each component is made under very specific operational control.

The technology and the precision offered through a CNC cutting service continues to evolve and improve. Today, these systems can produce high volumes of even complex shapes of components at very high speed, reducing costs while also increasing quality control and reducing turnaround times.

Options in CNC Cutting Equipment

There are several different CNC cutting service systems that can be used to create a specific part or component. An experienced machine shop takes the time to consider the metal, alloy, or material as well as the tolerances required and other production factors to make the best match between the equipment and the OEMs needs.

Laser cutting offers different options, including standard laser, tube laser, or fiber laser. Each option has pros and cons, including the cost of cutting, which needs to be considered in choosing the right option.

Plasma and HD plasma are two other options, and oxyfuel and waterjet cutting are ideal for larger components and parts or those made of thicker base materials. With oxyfuel cutting the metal is melted to create the shape, while with waterjet cutting the cut is made from a jet of water and abrasive materials under high pressure. As this process does not use heat, it does not impact the molecular structure of the workpiece, which makes it an excellent choice for many applications.

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