Reasons to Hire a Professional Dock Builder in Lee County, FL

Whether they own commercial restaurants with oceanfront views or homes on the river, property owners across Lee County and beyond can benefit from having a private dock. It won’t just provide easier access by boat, but will also offer a pleasant place to sit and relax, fish, swim, or spend time with loved ones. Those considering dock installation should read on to find out about the benefits of working with a professional dock builder in Lee County, FL to complete their projects.

Knowledge of Local Regulations

Dock builders have an in-depth knowledge of state and local laws governing dock construction. Florida requires property owners to submit site plans, and other documents before the state will approve a new dock installation in any state-owned waters, even if they’re not protected. Professionals can come up with approved designs, pull permits, and submit all necessary documentation, saving property owners a good deal of trouble.

Site Preparation

Installing a dock correctly will prevent it from affecting the water flow of any body of fresh water or salt water. Failing to prepare the site properly can lead to shoreline erosion or leave the dock clogged with branches and other debris, especially after storms. A dock builder in Lee County FL can design an environmentally friendly dock by developing a soil-anchoring system and a proper drainage plan to prevent these issues.

Awareness of Storm Hazards

How the site is prepared, where the dock is situated, and how it is built will all contribute to how well it weathers Florida’s inevitable storms. Professional dock builders know how to build a structure that will accommodate both high- and low-water conditions without damaging boats, the shoreline, or the dock itself. If they don’t take adequate precautions against storm surges, property owners will quickly wind up with giant messes on their hands.

Launch Area Planning

If property owners plan to use their docks to launch craft or swim, they must convey this information to their builders. These professionals will suggest design changes to accommodate small vessels or larger boats.

Learn More Today

Want to learn more about the materials used in dock building and where to find a qualified contractor? Find more information about docks, boardwalks, and beach walkovers online to get started.

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