Purchasing an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY

People throw large, lavish parties all the time, celebrating weddings, graduations, business milestones, and other memorable occasions, and they sometimes have ice luges at these parties. Ice luges are carved ice sculptures that are used to channel liquid through the ice directly into the mouths of the recipients or into glasses. An ice producing company can make an ice luge in Long Island, NY for customers who want the product at their events. Here are some things to know about ice luges that may give customers some ideas.

About Ice Luges

Primarily, the ice luges are used to serve liquor, such as vodka, champagne, martinis, or other mixed drinks, although, they are also used for serving oysters. The ice luges make a status statement at an event, adding an element of class to the person or people who are having the party or celebration. When the ice luge is used to pour the drink directly into the mouth of the recipient, it is usually about a drinking game in which tequila or some other strong drink is poured through the luge.

More about Ice Luges

Those who are thinking about purchasing an ice luge or ice luges must be prepared to have the luges properly transported, whether they will pick it up or have it delivered. The ice luge will weigh around 300 pounds each, and it will take a strong pickup truck to transport it or them. Otherwise, it would be dangerous to try to transport the luge in a car. The ice luge can be purchased pre-carved to whatever design the customer has, or it can be sold as a solid block for the customer to create the luge.

Where to Purchase the Ice Luge

There are probably hundreds of establishments throughout New York that sell ice blocks and ice luges to customers. Ice Fuel LI is one such establishment, located in Long Island, New York, that sells the ice luges and solid ice blocks to customers. If an individual or a business is looking to purchase an ice luge in Long Island NY, the company is available and can be reached via the website, Website URL.

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