Qualifying for Disability Benefits in Kent County, Michigan

Many people have heard the horror stories of how hard it is to get approved for social security disability benefits when they can no longer work. The process can be lengthy and somewhat complex, but understanding some basic things about the filing of the claim may help people stand a better chance of being approved. An attorney who can help clients with getting approved for Disability Benefits in Kent County wants clients to understand what they need to do. Here are some of the things that will help a person get qualified for the disability benefits.

What to Know about Getting Approved for Disability Benefits

Foremost, if a person is unable to work due to an injury or an illness for at least one year, that will be enough to get into the process to see if social security disability can be approved. The person applying for the benefit in Michigan must have available the information about the injury or illness, the treatment records from a doctor or psychiatrist, and a record of wages that have been earned in the past. An examiner will decide to approve or deny the claim.

More about the Disability Process

Close to sixty percent of those who apply are denied at first and must appeal the decision before getting approved for the benefit in Michigan. The waiting period could be as long as 18 months before a decision is reached but, meanwhile, the claimant may want to hire a lawyer to improve their odds of approval. The attorney will have the experience to know what the system is looking for and can help the client be in a better position to be approved.

A Disability Attorney in West Michigan

If a person needs a disability attorney in the West Michigan area, there are plenty in the area who are willing to take the case. Bleakley Law Offices P C is an example of a law firm in the Kent County area that represents clients for disability cases. If there are any people in need of a lawyer to help with Disability Benefits in Kent County, the law offices are available and can be reached at website.

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