A Quick Guide To Healthy Chew Bones For Puppies

Puppies are a lot of fun, entertainment and an endless supply of love for their new-found family. Giving your puppy what he or she needs for a healthy start in life is important, and this extends from the dog food you choose to the choice of chew bones.

Finding healthy chew bones for puppies is not as difficult as it once was. In the past, the only choices were nylon or rubber chews, which have no nutritional benefits, or rawhide chews that posed risks for puppies including digestive upsets, choking hazards and even the risk of a blockage in the digestive tract.

Today, finding healthy chew bones for puppies starts with reading the label and understanding just what is in the product. It is also important to consider how the product is manufactured and the reputation of the manufacturer.


The leading ingredients on the label for health puppy chews include real food items. Chicken, pork skin, milk and peanut butter are all healthy things your puppy will love. Look for vitamins such as Vitamin E and B12 as well as Riboflavin, d-Calcium Pantothenate and manganese sulfate, all essential for puppy growth and development.

The one ingredient to carefully check for is rawhide. All healthy chew bones for puppies will be 100% rawhide free.

Manufacturing Process and the Manufacturer

Choose a US-based manufacturer for any chew bones or food for your puppy. This ensures quality and nutritional standards that meet USDA standards and requirements.

Additionally, look for products manufactured in a GFSI certified facility. Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified facilities use the same standards of production used for human food, and those standards are used across the world for guaranteed production methods and quality control.

Choosing healthy chews for a puppy may take a bit of time to research, but your puppy’s health will depend on making the right choice.

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