Real Estate Attorneys vs. Real Estate Agents: What You Need to Know

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Lawyers

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When you are purchasing a house, you may not think you need the services of an Aurora civil litigation attorney. In fact, you may think that hiring a real estate agent will be best. However, this is not always the case. The fact is, a real estate attorney offers a number of services and has unique expertise on certain factors of the home buying or selling process that real estate agents don’t have.

Why Use the Services of an Attorney?

Today, the majority of homes for sale are listed online. In the past, this wasn’t how things were. When the real estate industry was first developed, agents had their own private list of what was available for sale and if you wanted to know what was on this list, you had to hire a real estate agent.

This is not the case today. You can find all the houses online and when you are ready to make an offer, you can work directly with the seller. An attorney will be able to make sure everything with the documents and paperwork is correct and help protect your interest. Also, if something goes wrong, having an Aurora civil litigation attorney helping you can be invaluable.

Protecting Your Interests

Agents are only going to get a commission if you go through with the sale. Attorneys get paid either way. As a result, they are going to have your best interest in mind, whereas a real estate agent is going to do everything they can to get the sale.

If you need the services of an Aurora civil litigation attorney to help with a real estate purchase, make sure to find one who has worked on these types of situations in the past. They will have the experience and know how to ensure the job is handled properly.

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