Polyester Powder Coating – Types and Key Benefits

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Plating and Metal Finishing

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Corrosion can be prevented on metal surfaces by the use of powder coating products. These products, which can be applied to items such as vehicle parts, bicycle parts, food processing equipment, aluminum extrusions, and other hardware components, consist of free flowing dry powder. Liquid coating has some restrictions as to how it can be used regarding the filler and binder parts; however, polyester powder coating does not have the same restrictions. Heat is utilized the curing process based on an electrostatic application. The result is a durable finish that is even more pronounced than what you may obtain through a conventional application of paint.


U.S. industrial manufacturing companies utilize polyester powder coating extensively. This product is delivered in a number of forms including polyester urethane, polyester TGIC, and polyester TGIC-free.


Both outdoor and indoor applications are suitable for the application of polyester urethane powder coating. Excellent chemical and mechanical properties are present with this coating that can protect items such as business equipment and machines, office furniture, and lighting fixtures. It can effectively protect surfaces against chipping marring, as well as mitigate the effects of weathering.


You can achieve excellent resistance to UV rays through the use of polyester powder coating. It has excellent properties for the protection of decorative elements that are exposed to outside weather. Examples of the type of items that can be protected by TGIC polyester coating are garden and lawn equipment and vehicle wheels. This coating is especially useful protecting items that are exposed to harsh weather conditions.


Similar to TGIC, TGIC-free coating is very useful in a range of industrial applications. It provides strong exterior coating capabilities in order to effectively protect industrial equipment and parts.

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