Reasons to Have an Emergency Dentist, Find One in Chicago

No one ever wants to experience pain or discomfort, especially from the mouth region. Most people in Chicago worry that a toothache means they’ve got a cavity, which can be a frightening experience. However, it’s best to go to an emergency dentist when you have any pain or problems. While it is scary to think about what could be wrong, it’s even scarier to put off what you know you should do. When you’ve got one on call, you’re ready for anything, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Get Advice

Many times, you’ve got a cracked tooth, a tooth that fell out, or pain. Even if you can’t make an appointment for that day, you can still talk to an emergency dentist or their dental hygienist to get advice on what to do with your appointment. They may request that you take over-the-counter pain medication, put the lost tooth in milk/water, or put ice on the area that hurts.

Closer Relationship

Many general-dentistry dentists offer emergency care, such as extended hours on certain days, same-day appointments when you call in early, and more. Therefore, you can go to the same dentist as you normally do. That way, you’ve already established rapport with them, feel comfortable with them, and they know all your medical and dental history already. This ensures that you feel more comfortable and don’t have to go through all the paperwork and questions when you’re not feeling your best.

Special Treatment

Some dentists offer sleep or relaxation dentistry, which means you can feel more relaxed during your visit, even if you’re in pain or fearful of dentists.

An emergency dentist is there to help you during times of crisis. Visit Chicago Smile Design in Chicago at to learn more.

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