Reducing Costs for Funerals at Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, CA

As with many products and services, prices for funerals have steadily increased over the years. Many families now want to avoid the cost of a traditional funeral with a casket and burial. They have other options at Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, CA.

Followers of the Catholic faith are allowed to have their deceased relatives cremated, but they are asked to keep the ashes in one secure place instead of scattering them. Those cremains can be interred at a mausoleum if the family prefers. At the mausoleum connected with Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, CA, relatives and friends may visit on occasion and reflect on the love they still have for this individual.

Cremation is usually chosen by families who want to hold a memorial service instead of a full funeral with a Mass and showing of the body. They can have this farewell ceremony at the cathedral or in a different location. Depending on the setting, the urn could be on display, perhaps with flowers and a photograph of the person.

Families that truly prefer a funeral Mass with a wake can keep their costs lower by selecting a casket without precious materials and elaborate detailing. Bronze and gold components add to the price, as does expensive wood like mahogany and ornate embellishments. The least expensive wood casket is made of pine, but these typically are not used for showing a body during visitation.

Anyone needing these services may visit the Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum website at to find contact information.

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