What Could Happen To Your Teeth Without Proper Dental Hygiene

Some people think dentists over exaggerate when it comes to the importance of proper dental hygiene. Dentists often encourage their patients to come in for dental check-ups every six months. Patients are also reminded that they should brush and floss after every single meal, and that they should be aware of the foods and beverages they consume. Some of this may seem unnecessary but every one of these tips are recommended for a reason. That being said, lets take a look at what could happen to your teeth, as you get older, if you continued with poor dental hygiene.

If you don’t brush and floss your teeth after every meal, they could begin to darken. Darkened teeth are a huge problem for millions of people throughout the United States. Unfortunately, once your teeth begin to darken brushing may not do too much. In most cases, the only way you’ll be able to lighten your teeth is if you use a whitening gel. Thankfully, you can avoid discolored teeth by brushing after every meal and staying away from dark beverages.

Gum disease is another problem that millions of people suffer from. This disease tends to be a direct result of poor dental hygiene. After eating a meal your mouth is still filled with food residue. If you allow this residue to sit, it’ll eventually cause plaque to build up. Plaque is simply a build-up of bacteria that lays a thin film over your teeth, and this film eventually hardens and begins to affect the gums. When the gums become infected it becomes a lot more difficult for your teeth to stay in place.

People who don’t take care of their teeth like they should will eventually lose them. You’ve probably seen elderly adults with several missing teeth. In most cases the missing teeth you’ve seen weren’t knocked loose. Poor dental hygiene can cause teeth to weaken and decay, and this is what causes them to break and fall out.

You can avoid all of these problems by simply visiting your Dentist more regularly. Again, your dentist will stress how important dental hygiene really is. Make sure you brush and floss after every meal in order to avoid darkened teeth and gum disease. Proper hygiene can also help you keep your teeth a lot longer.

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