Rexnord Bearings For the Food And Beverage Industries

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Industrial Supply

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Bearings comprise an integral, important component of many items of machinery. Rexnord bearings are a favorite in America. The company manufactures a variety of bearings for diverse industrial applications. This includes the food industry. In Louisiana, as well as other American states, the bearings must ascribe to certain standards before they are suitable for use in any machinery or devise that handles food preparation of any type.

Requirements of the Food Industry

The food industry standards are among the highest. Requirements concerning equipment and its components must achieve certain levels of sanitation. This includes bearings, motors, conveyors and other parts integrated into food preparation and handling mechanisms. It should even look at other features such as lubricants. When it comes to equipment and machinery, manufacturers and component suppliers in Louisiana must consider the following:

Safety: All equipment must adhere to standards that ensure the priority of food safety

Cleanliness: All parts of anything relating to food production and processing must be clean – free of any contaminants capable of infecting the products as it passes through or touches the machinery

Washdown-Readiness: Machinery and its components are subjected to thorough and constant washdowns. Such processes use harsh chemicals, therefore, causing other issues such as corrosion and the build-up of mold and other contaminants.

Durability: Conditions under which the machinery operates are harsh. Extreme heat and cold can influence the ability of the machinery to function optimally. Parts must be able to withstand extreme conditions.

Performance: No matter what the environment and the expectations, companies require the equipment to perform at a high level

Rexnord bearings can meet and exceed these demands.

Rexnord Bearings for the Food Industry

Rexnord offers a comprehensive line of bearings. Two specific type of are optimal for the food and beverage industries. The two stainless steel Rexnord bearings are:

1. Duralon®

2. Link-Belt® Klean-Gard

They easily address the issues and concerns of the food industry in Louisiana and across America.

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