Some Basic Kinds of AC Service in New Haven, IN

Many different things can go wrong with your air conditioner. These things can happen because you’re not taking care of your air conditioner as well as you should or they can occur simply because machines break down over time. There are some basic kinds of AC service that you will need from time to time. Even if you are taking good care of your air conditioner, you’ll need these kinds of services.

Air Filter Maintenance

Your air conditioner unit pulls in air from inside of your house; it conditions that air and then blows it back into your house. In order to avoid spreading dust and allergens, the air is pulled in through an air filter. The filters have different lifespans depending on their construction. The most basic filters are designed to last about 30 days; some more advanced filters can last about six months. If you have a filter that needs to be replaced, you need to replace it immediately. In some cases, you might need to call for professional AC service in New Haven, IN. Some people have air filters that are in places where they cannot readily access them.

Also, calling a professional to change your filters is a good way to keep track of how often you need someone to inspect your air conditioning unit. You should check out our website today to see services and availability.

Thermostat Maintenance

Maintaining your thermostat is an important AC service as well. Your thermostat likely runs on batteries and also has some kind of electrical connection to your house. You need to make sure that it is keeping your house at an accurate temperature; check the batteries from time to time. Call on professionals if you think that anything is wrong with your thermostat. They’ll be able to figure out why and also address any other potential problems.

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