Riding a Motorcycle in Chicago: Tips for Earning Your License

For some, there is nothing more exciting than riding a motorcycle. However, being allowed to ride a motorcycle in the Chicago area takes a number of steps, and it’s important to start early to get up and riding quickly. Here are a few steps to making the most of a Chicago motorcycle driving school.

Earn Your Driving License

Before you’re allowed to ride a motorcycle, you’ll need to earn your driver’s license. Before earning a driver’s license, those aged 18 to 20 who did not take driver’s education in high school or private driving instruction will need to take a six-hour adult driver education course. While it’s possible to spread these hours across a longer timeframe, Chicago-area residents might also want to consider one-day courses to expedite the process.

Prepare for the Written Motorcycle Course

As exciting as riding a motorcycle is, motorcycles lack many of the safety features found on other vehicles. Because of this, Illinois residents must take a written examination to show they have the knowledge needed to ride safely. Read up on material for the test, but also consider enrolling in a Chicago motorcycle driving school to receive more thorough instruction.

Prepare to be a Safe Rider

Just earning a motorcycle driving license doesn’t mean the license-holder is a safe driver, and the only way to develop good riding habits is through instruction. Time on your bike with an instructor will prepare you for navigating the streets and highways as safely as possible, and working with certified instructors will prepare you for the real world. Even if you’re already earned your motorcycle license, having professional instruction at a Chicago motorcycle driving school can be invaluable for keeping you safe while en route.

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, but small mistakes can lead to dangerous crashes. Furthermore, riding a motorcycle safely is an inherently defensive activity, and developing the right habits is essential for avoiding injuries. Make sure to take advantage of experts available in your area to ride as safely as possible.

Nova Driving School has three locations throughout the Chicago area, and their primary mission is to give their students the skills they need to stay safe. Their broad range of programs help students of all ages and experience levels earn the licenses they seek, be it a basic driving license or a motorcycle license.

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