Save Money And Space With A Heavy Equipment Rental

When you need a lift, tractor, or truck to get the job done, you should consider heavy equipment rental. Ankeny, IA is home to some great equipment rental services. Relying on rentals instead of purchasing the equipment could save you thousands of dollars. It all depends on the length of the job and the type of equipment you are renting. Here are some types of equipment you should consider renting instead of buying.

Aerial Lifts

Articulating and telescopic boom lifts are commonly seen at job sites where workers need to be at least forty feet off of the ground. Most of these lifts are self-propelled using either gas or electric power sources.

You should only consider purchasing a lift if you plan on using it almost every day at your job site. Some of these lifts are sold at auctions for more than $60,000. A tow-behind lift would be cheaper, but is still a significant investment compared to renting as needed.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is certainly a lot cheaper than a heavy-duty aerial lift platform, but you are still looking at more than a thousand dollars for even a semi-decent model. Once again, you could use a Ankeny, IA heavy equipment rental instead and save yourself a lot of money. An air compressor is smaller and easier to store than a boom lift, but if you don’t have a lot of space, then even that can be difficult.

The Bottom Line

Heavy equipment is never cheap, and it’s difficult to safely store for long periods. A temporary Ankeny, IA heavy equipment rental will save you money and space. The only time you should consider buying the equipment is if the job demands it on a daily basis and you have a secure warehouse for long-term storage.

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