Save Money by Adding Energy-Efficient Insulation to Your Naples FL Home

Whether you live in a fairly new or older home, you want to feel comfortable. One good way to do this is with energy efficient insulation Naples FL. By doing so, you will no longer roast during the summer or shiver on chilly nights.

Add Insulation to the Attic

A great place is to begin adding insulation in the attic. Not only is starting in the attic quick and easy, but it is also cost-effective. Furthermore, a professional installer knows to seal any air leaks first.

Essentially, improving insulation in your attic occurs in one of two ways. If the space is unfinished, all you need to add layers to what is already there.

For a finished attic, however, it is best to put insulation against the roof of your house. This works best when cooling and heating ducts pass through the attic.

Add Insulation to Main Floor Walls

Adding energy efficient insulation in Naples, FL is probably not possible when the walls already have some type of insulation. Unless you are remodeling, it is not cost-effective to do this without tearing into plaster or drywall. Instead, wait until you are replacing siding to add insulation to the main floor walls.

Add Insulation to the Basement and Crawl Spaces

Although hot air rises, it does not stop your home from losing heat in all directions. Therefore, it is a good idea to also include insulation in the basement and crawl spaces.

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