Scroll Compressor Manufacturers On Their Advantages

Scroll compressors consist of two identical spirals or scrolls – one moving, one attached to the body of the scroll compressor. Manufacturers refer to them as a positive-displacement type compressor with an orbital motion. Other names include a spiral compressor, scroll pump and scroll vacuum pump. They are popular for use in HVAC systems as well as in some automotive air conditioning units. Different from other types of compressors, e.g., screw compressors, the design offers those who choose to install it several advantages.

Advantages of Scroll Compressors

When asked to support why they consider this type more advantageous or better, scroll compressor manufacturers provide the following reasoning.

  • They Are more efficient than piston compressors
  • Utilize less energy. In fact, small scroll compressors are more energy-efficient than larger piston types
  • Feature two great related qualities: durability and longevity
  • Are considerably more quiet than other types of compressors because they have fewer parts and no noisy valves, When used in an HVAC system, for example, they produce a low hum
  • Present a small footprint
  • Are less heavy than others are
  • Function with considerably fewer vibrations, therefore running more smoothly than reciprocating models are capable of doing
  • Have fewer components and are less open to potential mechanical problems, This also reduces the risk of costly repairs
  • Are highly reliable

These qualities result in scroll compressors being less costly than other types.

Scroll Compressor Manufacturers

When it comes to choosing a compressor, many companies opt for scroll compressors over the reciprocating type. Scroll compressor manufacturers cite the obvious reasons for this preference. They may stress the lower manufacturing and maintenance costs, but they also are fully aware of the other attractive reasons. Scroll compressors offer those who use them several advantages beyond its cost. These include energy efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, and a high degree of reliability.

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