The Ease Of Buying Flange Bolt And Gasket Sets

Working on any type of plumbing system, pipeline, or processing system can be a challenge. This is true for the initial installation of the system as well as for repairs, retrofits, and upgrades.

Any type of application that uses a flange system to connect pipes also uses a gasket to protect and seal the edges of the two mated flanges. Choosing the right gasket and the correct bolts can be difficult, but buying the materials in flange bolt and gasket sets makes the process a lot easier.

New Installation

For any type of new system design and installation, buying the required flange bolt and gasket sets makes it easy for the crew to grab a pack that contains the gasket and the bolts needed for the specific types and sizes of flanges they are working on.

These types of packs are fully self-contained, meaning there is no need to count bolts and nuts and worry about getting to the job and finding out you are short a bolt or a nut. Additionally, different suppliers offer a full range of gasket thicknesses, materials, bolt lengths, and diameters to meet the specific flange and system requirements.

Retrofits and Replacements

There is also an advantage to choosing flange bolt and gasket sets when replacing an existing gasket in a system. Often, if the gasket is damaged, there can be corrosion on the bolts and taking the opportunity to fit the flange with new nuts and bolts during the replacement simply makes sense from a reliability and durability standpoint.

All gaskets offered in these packs for both new and retrofit or repair types of applications should provide information on the gasket elongation, tensile strength, thickness, and operating temperature. Bolts should also be selected to allow enough length to allow the nut to be tightened in place to hold the flanges securely together.

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