Self-Contained Vs Drill Attachment Equipment – Which is Best?

Whether you run an excavation business or you’re a building contractor, you may have the need for drilling. In fact, depending on your business, you could face some unique drilling problems from time to time. Should you invest in a self-contained drilling rig or drill attachment equipment specially designed to fit your skid steer or excavator? Let’s look closer at this important issue to find out more.

Self-Contained Options

If you need to drill often or drilling is a major part of your business, you might want to invest in a high-quality, self-contained rig. For example, some models come with track drives so you can easily move on just about any terrain. These machines can do these jobs and more:

* Anchoring – anchor drill into solid rock

* Blasting – perfect drilling for explosives

* Mining applications

* Roof bolting – installing rock bolts for underground applications and storage facilities

* Soil nailing – in areas prone to landslides, this method stabilizes wall construction.

Drill Attachment Equipment

This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to own a drill rig. As a contractor, you probably own at least one skid steer and excavator, so why not use the hydraulics of your equipment for drilling? You can buy excellent drilling rigs specially made to fit your machinery.

Excavator and skid steer drills offer several important benefits:

* No need to buy an entire drill rig

* Customizing options – you can choose the kind of drifter you need, and they are interchangeable.

* Simple mounting system is fast and easy

* Training – the best drill attachment companies deliver your equipment, install it, and show you how to use it.

Choosing the Right Equipment

For frequent drilling, a self-contained rig is a good option. For infrequent drilling or companies with a lot of equipment, attachments can save time and money.

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