Septic Tank System Maintenance in Magnolia TX Prevents Sewer Backups

Basic septic tank system maintenance in Magnolia, TX, involves pumping of the tank and inspection of the equipment by professionals. Ideally, property owners would schedule this work to be done consistently, such as every two years. Many delay the project because they hope to save money. They should call when they notice abnormal activity in their drain pipes or they may have to deal with a sewer backup.

Slow Drains

The main indication that the tank is too full is slow drains, including the toilets. A clogged drain typically only happens at one point in the plumbing system. When all the drains become slow, the problem is further down.

Household residents may notice the tub gathering water when they shower. They have to wait longer for the kitchen sink to drain after washing dishes. They notice that the toilet water swirls around slowly several times before it finally chugs away with a gurgling sound. These are indications that prompt septic tank system maintenance in Magnolia, TX, is needed.

Direct Observation

When the technicians lift the lid on the tank, they can immediately see whether the liquid level is too high. The liquid slowly drains out into the leach field, but if too many solids have accumulated underneath, there is insufficient room for the liquid to drain slowly. It may spill into the field with some of the solid contents, which pollutes the land and can ruin the leach field equipment. A sewer backup also may occur.

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