West Palm Beach Residents: What You Should Know About Hurricane Panels

Hurricanes cause an enormous amount of damage in south Florida each year, and you want to take every possible step to protect your home and valuables. Hurricane panels are a wise investment, and here is what you should know about these products.

How Hurricane Panels Work

Hurricane panels are attached around each window of your home. The panels not only protect the glass from breaking, but also prevent debris and flying objects from entering your home. Hurricane panels also provide some protection against of high winds, rain, and flood waters. The products designed to attach with hurricane panel hardware for West Palm Beach homes and businesses.

Types of Hurricane Panels

The two most common types of hurricane panels are aluminum and clear. Aluminum hurricane panels are designed to withstand high winds. Clean hurricane panels are made of a lightweight UV coated polycarbonate that allows light into your home. Hurricane panel hardware for West Palm Beach homes and buildings comes in a range of styles and finishes.

Installing Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panel hardware in West Palm Beach, including the shutters, needs to be installed properly to maximize the protection for your home. Make sure that you understand the instructions before mounting the panels, and that you have all the necessary hardware and tools.

How to Use Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panels come in three styles – Bahama, Colonial, and accordion. You should close your hurricane shutters when a warning is issued for your area, but you can close them sooner.

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