Signs You Need an Electrician in Scranton, PA, And Why You Should Hire a Pro

Electrical issues in your home are a fire hazard. Homeowners should know the indicators of electrical problems. DIY home electrical repairs are not recommended.

Overly Warm Switch Plates

Using electrical devices and appliances generates heat. If a switch plate or receptacle is slightly warm to the touch, there is no cause for concern. If a receptacle or switch plate is hot to the touch call an electrician. Electrical repairs require specialized training and knowledge. Hiring a professional electrician keeps your family safe from electrical fires.

Burning Smell

Wiring issues can cause receptacles to smell hot. You’re near an outlet in your home in Scranton. There’s a burning smell you can’t trace to anything else. Disconnect anything plugged-in to the receptacle and look for an electrician in Scranton, PA. A member of the household could try the repairs. If they botch the job, you’ll have to call professional electrician anyway. Using a qualified electrician saves time and money.


A receptacle or circuit breaker sparking requires attention from an electrician ASAP. A professional electrician will know how to troubleshoot the problem. The troubleshooting may expose larger issues that the electrician can resolve at once.


If lights dim and flicker it could be the light itself or an electrical issue. You made need a professional electrician whose competence has been proven by schooling and licensing to install a special circuit for major appliances.

For an Electrician

If you need an electrician in Scranton, PA or Wilkes-Barre contact Quality Electric.

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