This is What You Should Do If You Discover a Bed Bug Infestation in Phoenix

Most people, even if they’re not especially squeamish, find even the idea of a bed bug infestation to be more than they can handle. The fact is, however, that you may be faced with a bed bug infestation in Phoenix, AZ, at some point or another. If an infestation does occur in your home, it’s important to know how to react to help contain the infestation as much as possible. Aside from calling pest control services, these are the most important steps you can take.

Prevent Escape

When you discover bed bugs in your residential or commercial property, the most important goal is to treat bed bug infestation to limit its spread as much as possible. One way to do this is to place bed bug traps underneath all the legs of your bed and other nearby furniture. Rather than allowing the bed bugs to seek out new food sources, they will be trapped as they crawl down your bed frame, thus helping to isolate the location of the infestation.

Begin Cleaning

Once you isolate the infestation, you’ll need to begin killing as many of the bed bugs as you can. This means removing all bed coverings and washing them in the hottest water your washer can produce, then drying them at the hottest-possible heat setting. You’ll also want to clean all mattresses, using a clean scrub brush to remove the bed bugs from hard-to-reach places, then encasing the mattress in a purpose-built case to kill the bed bugs that remain.

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