Some Common Types of Auto Repair in Minneapolis

Automobile problems are treatable and can often be mitigated. Some bigger problems can be avoided by addressing the problems early on; however, there’s nothing you can do to completely avoid automobile problems altogether. There are far too many moving parts and too many different pressures for your automobile to always run without a hitch. Therefore, you’ll need auto repair at some point in time. There are some pretty common repairs that happen in your area all of the time, though.

Heater Repairs

Your automobile most likely has a very simple type of heating system. The heating system in your house, especially if you have central HVAC, can be very complex. Your car works by blowing air across a heater core. The heater core is a radiator-like device that channels hot engine coolant through a series of tubes. The coolant has been heated by the heat of the engine. The air blows across it and into your vehicle. If your heater core or fan is malfunctioning, your heater won’t work properly. Due to the very cold winters, this is a common auto repair in Minneapolis.

Brake Repairs

Brakes commonly need auto repair. Brakes need to be repaired from time to time because of the amount of stress placed on them on a daily basis. Every time you press on your brakes, they create a large amount of friction that rubs against the brake rotor to slow it down. That friction slowly eats away at the substance of your brakes. After awhile, you’ll need to have the brake pads removed. In other cases, the heat from the friction can become so great that it actually warps the rotors. In those cases, you’ll need to have them resurfaced.

Resurfacing rotors means shaving away the surface of the rotor until it is smooth again. It’s a common repair that can be done fairly quickly by a professional.

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