Why Hire a Process Server?

If you’re getting involved in a legal matter like bringing a lawsuit against someone else, you’re probably already dealing with a great deal of tiny details. One thing that you don’t want to neglect is how you manage serving the papers to the party you’re suing. Hiring a competent process server is an often neglected but absolutely crucial part of going to court.

So Why Should You Hire a Process Server?
There are a number of different reasons to hire a process server, but they all boil down to one important thing: everything needs to run smoothly. The legal system has a tendency to get bogged down, and if you aren’t extremely vigilant with every aspect, a case could fall apart, or take so long as to be useless. So what are some specific reasons to hire a process server?

Some Places Require a License
Everywhere the law is different, both between countries, and inside the same country. Many states and provinces will actually require a license to process serve, and that license is only for that specific area. A process server in Toronto, ON area wouldn’t necessarily be able to work across the country line in America. Only by hiring a professional can you make sure that you’re staying within the law.

Laws are Tough
Not only are there laws governing licensing for process serving, there are a whole host of laws based around the actual practice of process serving. When you’re allowed to, under what circumstances, what might be invasion of privacy or going too far. You would have to research all of that to make sure you stayed compliant, and still might make a mistake. A company that process serves professionally would be aware of all of the laws, and be able to stay inside them.

Process Serving is Tough Too
There is a reason that a whole profession arose out of delivering individual papers to people. People might be hard to track down or always on the move, and frankly, a lot of people would rather not be served papers at all. Making sure that you never get an envelope is a good way to stay out of the court room, some people think. If you hire a firm with experience, you can be sure that they will track the party in question down and deliver the papers by hand.

The Delivery Proof
The entire point of process serving would be undercut without proof, so any professional process server will be able to deliver notarized certification that they have delivered the papers in question.

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